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"The 3 most important career investments you can make:
Invest in your self-discovery.
Commit to at least one act of personal development daily. 
Invest in your communication skills."

How to be and Act iN films 



10 month  = SERIAL PROGRAM
180 € / month
150 € / month
210 € / month

And also 2 Acting for filmTRAINING PROGRAM - CASTING preparation- SHARP ACTING TOOLS preparation

03 sessions of 3H30 (10 hours) = CASTING preparation
10 sessions of 3H30 (35 hours) = SHARP ACTING Program
250 €
200 €

One of the goals of each session is to provide professional actors the ground for training the skills of acting while at the same time generating outstanding images adapted for an international showreel.

SHOWREEL creation
SOLO offer = 500€ if you subscribe alone
DUO offer = 350€/per person
TRIO offer = 300€/per person
DUO offer = 350€/per person
Best Prices for active members offer at 210€


The script is build around you and your character. So in this program, you get the lead role in a short film. Short Films are a good ground to show your talent. 



Here also the script is build around you and your character, in this program, you get the lead role in a serial. Serial are adaptable script through time. As long as the audience follow the adventures of your character, new episodes are written.



A lead role is a seed for your notoriety and your notoriety is what brings you more acting work ...

If it is usually banal to perform a lead role in theater, even as a young actor or actress. On the contrary very rarely actors can accomplish this goal in films. 

Here is your chance to invest in you, if you want to control and push forward your career.

So, if achieving this goal is a must for you in your career development,  here is probably the fastest way to get it done. 

In this program, you get the lead role in a feature film. Yes, carrying a lead role helps you achieve a level of mastery of your craft that changes drastically your understanding of your own work. But it also transform how you are perceived by other professionals, because your public image and statut gain valu and power out of that type of achievement . Again, a lead role is a seed for your notoriety and notoriety is what brings you work.


CASTING preparation

If you keep failing in castings, and want to know why, then this training is for you.

We help you to clarify what is your level of acting for film, and what you can change in your preparation.

You will know what works or doesn’t work for you on screen, and more important you will SEE WHY.

Here you prepare several auditions. You will train for casting circumstances with the camera. You get a debrief on each of your takes.



As you know, not every type of acting works on screen.

Despite your experience, if you still feel you don't like fully your own acting but you don't know why ,

or, if you try to avoid theatrical style, but you don't know how,

or, if you want to be more relax, efficient and creative when the camera is on you,

then you will enjoy this program because it will put you back in control of the right quality of  acting  you expect from yourself.

With this preparation training, you get to unsure that your way of working is passing the screen test. You get to see and compare the result between BEFORE / AFTER our training for screen. Through that experience, you will get a better understanding of why most actors fail at auditions when they are asked to talk in a scene.

SHOWREEL Romanian & English


If you need to show the variety of your talent, then this is for you.

We organize a proper shooting around your acting.

You show the variety of your talent thanks to 3 different sequences.

We create the ground for you to show 3 types of characters / emotions that you can do on screen. We deliver your work in different footages formats for you to optimize your communication to professional or to the general public.

Prices: If you come alone, the SOLO offer is at 500€ / DUO offer = 350€ per person / TRIO offer is at 300€ per person.

Coaching is included in the price at your request for each of the 3 sequences. Rehearsals and Shooting days are organize around your schedule. Sequences are shoot in your native language + english and any other you might need to target a specific country.

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