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During auditions, there are 27 unspoken factors that assess an actor's performance. These factors categorize actors into different levels, based on their ability to address these criteria. Full Descrition **Understanding Levels of Acting - Mastering Them - Winning Awards** --- **Exploring the Essence of Acting** In the world of acting, achieving greatness and maintaining it requires continuous dedication, much like an athlete honing their skills. Your ability to perform exceptionally is not just pivotal to your current projects but also opens doors to new opportunities. While your existing network supports your present endeavors, venturing into new territory often demands acing cold auditions. These auditions challenge you to prove your talent and skills from scratch, often to strangers who uphold even higher standards than your current associates. **Navigating Castings and Decision-Making:** During auditions, there are **27 unspoken factors** that assess an actor's performance. These factors categorize actors into different levels, based on their ability to address these criteria. Actors vary in their capacity to embody these factors through their performances, creating distinct groups and subgroups. To succeed, you don't need to embody every factor; you only need to outshine the others vying for the same role in a particular audition. Your market value rises with each factor you successfully incorporate into your acting repertoire. Have you ever delved into the 27 stringent criteria used worldwide by casting directors during auditions? Are you familiar with the unspoken levels that exist within acting, guiding how actors are evaluated and categorized? Have you assessed your standing against these criteria? --- **In this workshop, you will:** Explore the 27 factors that evaluators use to assess actors and learn how to leverage them to your advantage. As an actor, you need a reliable diagnostic process and a measuring tool to progress effectively. You must objectively measure: **A -** Your current level of performance, **B -** The potential new heights you can reach or pitfalls you might encounter, **C -** The presence of substantial progress in your craft. --- **Understanding these tools empowers actors to:** - **Reimagine Preparation:** Gain insights into what to prioritize during your preparation process. - **Strategic Training:** Focus your training efforts between castings or projects, addressing weaknesses and maintaining sharpness. By delving into the intricate world of acting levels and their organization, you can pinpoint areas of improvement and enhance the quality and relevance of your performances.


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This 4h formula is extendable to several days of practice and shootings.

If you are interested to receive this workshop in your acting school, or in your cultural/professionnal frame of work, email us.


Julien Javions

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